Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008


Well I may not be worthy of a Wikipedia Page, but my new boss is. im not a photographer, or a gatorade girl... im his new babysitter. haha I'm babysitting their 2 year old girl, ellie- shes pretty cute.

I feel like babysitting is quite possibly the best way to meet successful people in this town-
The Jacobsen's are the second family that contacted me to babysit-
the first is a CEO of a company that trys to place Freelance artists into permanant positions in European companies.

Heres his site:

he wants me to help him with his next photo exhibition. Nice surprizes. Everything is comin up milhouse!

Montag, 20. Oktober 2008


What if one day, everyone dissapeared from Europe, just like a snap of the fingers- all the people, all photos and historical documents- all memory of such land. Once the cities were 're-descovered', anthropologists would undoubtably believe that the people that once inhabitated Europe were smaller than the people of the rest of the world. I mean what people would own such small things !!!

For the amount of Bakeries there are here- youd think they would need more sugar!- this is a 'large' bag of sugar. the scissors are almost bigger than it!

A standard size frozen pizza....

Their standard milk carton- the bowl is almost bigger than it!And of course, to keep all this small food- their small refridgerators!
-even their ash trays have to be small, but for the amount that Berliners smoke, they would definatly benefit from a larger reservoir.