Freitag, 30. Januar 2009

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009


i live in a neighborhood called mitte now. "mitte" means - middle in German, so therefore, I am in the middle of the city, the middle of the action, the middle of a sentence...

There is so much to explore, and such a lack of crime, that you can feel comfortable pretty much anywhere anytime. Its the feeling you get in the subburbs of a city, that sense of safety and security- but all the while being amidst a super interesting urban center.

There is a sense of magic here- a feeling that will fade as i experience the city, meet more people, and learn more german words. But for now, Berlin is my own private society where I cant possibly see a familiar face, hear a familiar word, or not have a question about something new that i come across, constantly finding things that inpire me.

And besides that mystery and excitement, i think that berlin is at a moment right now that wont last forever, a moment in music and art history that will be influencing others in the near future, noted, quoted and recorded in the future, and referenced in the more distant future still.

Im lucky to be here-


so. graffiti's everywhere here- and with a new city comes new styles and new names to get attuned to- theres so much, that i haven't even begun to document it, but here are some flicks to get a preview.

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2009


Because 75 percent of the city fails to open, i'm constantly looking for things to do on a sunday... and its always a scramble on saturday night- to get groceries for sunday, or buy this or that to keep you occupied for the next day. Thankfully the Art museums and Galleries are open, and yesterday i went to an indoor skatepark called Skatehalle who also realizes that people are alive on sundays. There are 2 outdoor parks in berlin, but berlin is not a city you would exactly come to for its perfect weather... actually- i am pretty positive that there hasnt been a day with no precipitation since ive arrived.

SO Berlin Skatehalle is massive, with a redbull half-that has to be 12 feet tall or somthing- 4 foot bowl, and mini, and various street courses-i have video of it, but ill have to post it later- so here are a few flicks.

i brought the only friends i have here in berlin: jasper (10), louie (8) and Autur (11)-