Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2008


And this is what i did on my first night of babysitting... Ellie was sleeping when I got there, so me and the puppy hung out while watching some fashion shows on German's equivilant to Direct TV.

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008


Now, if i didnt see one in person last year... i would think this were a hoax... So heres the story- beth and I were in Vienna last summer- one day we took a train out to the country (maybe like 40 minutes outside of the city). Gazing out the window i noticed something protruding upward from the bush. And sitting still, about 3 feet from the recently cut crop, was a GIANT RABBIT- we were going so fast, and i was in a daze because of the lengthy ride, so we were never SURE that we saw what we saw- and today- I find out that yes indeed, these things do live - in reality, and not just in the minds of christine and beth!!! wow- its like when the unicorn was found earlier this year! what a great world~