Montag, 20. April 2009


The winter was rough... I bet not as bad as Chicago's... but, it was still low. Seasonal depression, not wanting to venture outdoors even for a good event, colds, eating a lot of soup, baking and baking and baking for some warmth in the kitchen and in the belly, and the like. I wont say i hate winter. I don't even 'dislike' the season- but after a while, the cold hits you- and the snow becomes less of a luxury and just another barrier to dodge on my way to work or school. Oh, and Senioritis mixed with the wintry elements just made it that much harder to finish school! Class? Id rather sleep. Snuggle in the warmth of the apartment.

But now, now, its warm, the air smells alive, and a breeze can be quite refreshing... it was worth the wait. Here are some flicks some outdoor adventures I was able to brave, now that spring is here!

Rooftop at the 'Soundcloud' office up the street from us- they had an open invite for breakfast barbeque- which of course went on till the evening- good time to lay out in the sun and enjoy a nice becks, or bionade in my case. Hanging out in a really large park in Kreuzberg called Victoria Park. Babysitting has really brought me to alot of parks and playgrounds- ive probably been to about 15 thus far... lol

And in the same neighborhood (Kreuzberg), there is a turkish street market twice a week- good for fabrics, and veggies mainly- but there is a pic of a basketballhoop and bags and bags of tees availiable there.

There is a district called Erkner, outside of berlin. Its one of those places that would confuse people when you mention it- "why did you go there?"
Well the weather was nice, and Ike and I were up for an adventure- so we went the absolute farthest we could east on the Berlin city trains (BVG). Our initial hope was to see some former east Berlin destruction, huge, abandoned buildings, industrial ruins... and history that has been lost in the city due to new constructions. We saw none of that. Erkner was interesting. The ride out there was like a Metra ride out to Plainfield. Big houses, suburbia, and lots of land. Take a look.