Samstag, 24. Januar 2009

CTM- Club Transmediale 2k9

"festival for adventurous -music and related visual arts"

heres the website:

We went to the opening night of this fest yesterday, and arrived just in-time for the second half of a Dub documentary entitled: dub echos-i think they start the fest with dub- because it was the beginning of the 'dj' - thus the beginning of electronic music.

so anyway-- we wait in the guestlist line for the show (ikes work is sponsoring the event) and this line was easily 4 times longer than the regular line. When we finally enter, it felt like stepping into the interworkings of a futuristic/ cosmic 3-d version of a flash website. Lights flashing everywhere, projections on everywall, and crazy visual illusions above the bar to display the drink list. The space, decor, and overall atmosphere was really amazing- check out a short clip and photos:

(sushi room, fully equipt with zen painting, and pebbles for a floor...)
1 of 2 stages - w/ projections surrounding the whole area

another lounge- those letters were really coming off the wall! like styrophome installation or something!

- dancefloor- before dj went on stage.

Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2009


Richard Avadon Exhibition - Martin Gropius Bau- Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. -

*' the chicago 7' - didnt know much about this group before the exhibition. But pretty interesting poltical pranksters. - funny how their style looks like what is back in fashion now-

'the factory'- really impressive larger-than-life portraits of Andy Warhol and the other 'factory' inhabitants/workers/artists

(no cameras were allowed, so sorry for the slanted/ not quite composed- photos ;)

Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009


1: I learned how to whistle.  I finally pulled myself aside, and said- this week I will learn to whistle.  I put my mind to it... and wow. At 23 years old, I can finally whistle (Although it is only on an inhale) 

2. I made money without having to work!!!  I found 20 euro on the street on my way home!  

3. I have finally spotted wild boar- I have been looking, searching, asking, and waiting... and then one winter day heading out to babysit by train- I saw them!  Take a look :)