Samstag, 11. Oktober 2008

Berliners like their Vices

There's nothing quite like a warm glass of wine in the morning. Of course I wouldnt know, but Ike felt it was necissary this morning cuz- it was just sitting on the kitchen counter, staling, from the night before.

Theres been a lot of new vices, and things i've seen since the start of my stay here. And in 8 days, i've seen a total of 2 cop cars, Zero fights on the streets, 2 kids doing coke in the midst of the crowd at a electonic club- dog poop littered about, recycling bins that separate green glass from white/clear glass, paper, plastic, and then the just plain rubbish. You can walk the streets with beers in hand, posess an 1/8 of green with no penalty, and you dont get carded for anything- (except for the hard liquors i guess)-

It seems as though people party much harder in Berlin. Any venue where music is being played, is filled, and about 90 percent of people are dancing. 3 o'clock is the appropriate time to go out at night. Anything before- is just plain early!


Nicky Watts hat gesagt…

Berlin! Fun. How long will you be there for?

BLOGENSPEIL hat gesagt…

atleast till march. thats when ill graduate. After that- who knows.

MC hat gesagt…

you can see that type of life style in the US too, just depends where you hang out. it's all there