Sonntag, 25. Januar 2009


Because 75 percent of the city fails to open, i'm constantly looking for things to do on a sunday... and its always a scramble on saturday night- to get groceries for sunday, or buy this or that to keep you occupied for the next day. Thankfully the Art museums and Galleries are open, and yesterday i went to an indoor skatepark called Skatehalle who also realizes that people are alive on sundays. There are 2 outdoor parks in berlin, but berlin is not a city you would exactly come to for its perfect weather... actually- i am pretty positive that there hasnt been a day with no precipitation since ive arrived.

SO Berlin Skatehalle is massive, with a redbull half-that has to be 12 feet tall or somthing- 4 foot bowl, and mini, and various street courses-i have video of it, but ill have to post it later- so here are a few flicks.

i brought the only friends i have here in berlin: jasper (10), louie (8) and Autur (11)-

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