Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009


Watching a violent film is one thing. Watching a violent film that is based on a true story is yet another. And watching a violent film, based on a true story in the city where it happened is almost surreal. I felt this as i walked out of the theater. The Central Kino is just a stop away from our apt- with grafittied walls, cobblestone drives, and walls on all sides. And as we walked through the Hackesche Höfe (the name of this enclosed maze of courtyards and buildings where the theater is-it felt like i was living in the film. Perhaps there had been a similar feel when i stepped into the streets of chicago after seeing the latest batman movie- but because 'the baader- meinhof complex' was a true story, it felt all the more real- i never heard of it before i got here to germany, but its about this group called the RAF (red army fraction) who functioned in Berlin and other european cities for nearly 40 years- fighting against war and imperialism...but in such a violent way- that they were considered terrorists. By the end of the film, there message grew unclear and their actions more aggressive- and in the end, they are sorta just these hippies trying to stand for something and reacting the only way they knew how.

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