Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009


Everyday around 10pm I find Ike sitting in the living room, with his studio headphones on- ignoring his surroundings for hours to make music. He says he's trying to make something that will please himself, but i know, he is secretly aiming to impress his favorite DJs-

But, no matter what the makers are subconsciously paving a new path for the music world.
Its a race, sort of . No one ever really wins though. People feed off of each other, try to impress one another, and the good thing is, there is enough space for everyone. Music is nice that way, there are infinite possibilities, millions of old work to reference, and a huge audience to play it all for.. to influence or alter the current condition of the art. Visual arts are like that too- but then when you evaluate the music community/world with its seemingly similar Art world counterpart, the differences are overwhelming. The Art community- there's a buyers and sellers market- the makers are left completely out of the equation... creating work who's value- they cant even personally afford- and when an artist, like myself, realizes how backward it all is- the hope and passion gets drained out and left barren-

And so... there is something nice about Music- something increasingly more refreshing- musicians can support other musicians - there aren't tracks that are worth tens, of thousands of dollars, and there surly aren't auctions full of people with toy poodles, and multimillion dollar homes, trying to fill there house with artwork that they could not possibly comprehend, or care to understand at all. Music is not about decadence, and even less about fortune. its about the plain, refreshing notion of doing it simply for the love of music. Because, lets face it- no one is getting rich off of it- and the people who are, are working hard- really hard- and communicating to their community- not an entire other community of 'buyers' and auction houses.

I see Ike doing this- along with so many other friends who make music... i think that Music is more about a conversation between peers- its about having a good time with its community and much less about fame, fortune, and a 'jeff koonian' approach. Don't get me wrong. . . there are artists who make art for themselves, use creation as a type of personal therapy, and even make things that are supposed to be enjoyed for their conceptual appeal, and not held on a pedestal for its monetary value... and those things are fine, initially. . . until the art community grabs hold of it- and turns that same piece of art into an empty, soul-less decoration.

heres a company who is releasing a couple of Ikes tracks: Trackdonalds-

Maybe i'm just a skeptic...aren't all recent grads of whichever profession, supposed to resent the last four years of their life, along with everything they'd learned during that time- as a sort of 'payback'??? --- well.. if not, that's how i'm responding...

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