Samstag, 20. Juni 2009


this is a bike. kinda a dorky bike, but to get around- its not so bad!
this is a bunch of american food that got delivered to my house the other day. a family i babysit for very generously gave us all of their food before moving back to the states.

shoes. i bought these in vienna - they are fuzzy, and they were only 8 euro!

here is my new sewing machine! also free. (like the food) i really love it

a bag i made with the sewing machine. its called the: dri-stitch tee-shirt bag! haha. i made it just with 3 lines of stitching- including a lining. how schoen!

beth asked me to take a photo of a bag i just made out of a t-shirt-
myself- my new bike, and just anything i wanted to show off- :) so just some pics

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very impressive!!!