Montag, 17. November 2008


If you dont feel like going there at open (midnight), and you are too tired to go there at 2 am... just go at sunrise, or noon the next day- no worries it doesnt close till 6 pm on sunday and there will, no doubt be people there from the night before, the bald, topless- super buff gay crowd will have thinned out a bit, but the bass and the music goes the whole way through. Minimal Techno in the main room (berghain)- and Chicago house in the smaller (but still large) room called Panarama bar upstairs - im not sure why one place has two names, but i suppose its big enough to. Anytime you do decide to go, there will for sure be a line. We left at 530am and there were about 150 people waiting to get through security and in the club. You wait in line like there is a rollercoaster at the other end, but instead its just another line- one for guys and one for gals to get patt down and have your camera put aside before entering. No cameras- no mirrors in the bathrooms- just raw concrete, and your experience kept in your memory. Ike is convinced it was a missile/ gun factory- but i think it was actually a train storage building way back when- either way its supposedly the techno centre of the world right now! It was a really good night- before a full day of babysitting the 2 devil children (1.7 years old and 7 months old) all on 3 hours of sleep.

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MC hat gesagt…

clearly the answer to your non-stop electronic baby sitting life style is to merge the two and bring the children with. I'll let your imagination go wild with feasibility.