Sonntag, 9. November 2008


Well I was extremely dissapointed that I couldnt be at Grant Park on election night- But I cant really complain- being in Berlin. Thankfully- this election brought so much interest all around the globe, that Berlin was quite energetic and excited about the event. This theater had hundreds of people littered outside its doors celebrating before the decision was made. And the resturaunt/bar we had eaten at right before- had a live band singing original tunes poking fun at american politics and the current state of the country. It was all in good fun, and it really made me feel at home. The singers had a southern/ sort of folky twang that I could only put up with because of its hilarity. After this I went home-and went to bed-but Ike decided to party till the decision would be known. He finally wondered into the apartment, turned the tv on and began chanting Obama like things- 3 AM Berlin time- on a school night. Well I suppose I couldnt sleep on such a historic day!


MC hat gesagt…

when i was a kid i said i want to live to see the first black woman president. we're now half way there.

I'll start the rumor: oprah 2012

kati hat gesagt…

We has a great time celebrating here in Chi-town AND ran into your twin sister- so we were with you in spirit! love Kati & Jim