Samstag, 29. November 2008


Wildlife is not the first thing you think about when you are exploring a new metropolis. And although i have yet to see one, I am really on the hunt for a pack of wild boars that are living in Berlin! Supposedly these things are aggressive, hungry, and quite populous and within the City of Berlin alone lives 10,000 boars! This mammal, like the Sasquatch and Unicorn- have been spotted on multiple occasions, but this creature is so abundant, that it is more hopeful that I see one. I will update the site when there is a sighting or hint of one. Look at the Babies! they look like little antelope- How am I ever going to smuggle a Grey Giant back home, let alone a baby boar?

Here are a couple of articles on the BOAR WAR IN BERLIN
(ive been researching it for sometime now---),1518,583377,00.html

Oh! and it happens in HONKKONG too !

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