Samstag, 29. November 2008


I actually did know, but I didnt know it was wool. Plus, It's as ridiculous to say that sheep can't get wet!! I mean if wool shrinks so much... wouldnt the sheep too when it rained? I guess i never gave a sheep a bath...

When I took on this babysitting job, they called it 'kidtending', and some 'light house keeping' Well apparently it is more like being a maid, cook, and friend for the household... I felt like Alice Nelson from the Brady Bunch... but instead of a perfect day, this one was near perfect until I did the laundry.
I arrive at their household 2 hours before the boys get home from school. In this time, I am to gather the laundry from the rooms fold all the blankets and put them at the foot of the beds, do the dishes, iron what is necessary, and make lunch for the boys upon their arrival-

Well I was doing laundry, and for one particular item- it was on the ground in a ball in a bedroom- id say that is a sign of laundry. I should have known it was wool, but my goal is to clean the clothes, and on to the next task. I checked for a tag, there was no tag... so i washed it- and it came out as a miniaturized version of what it was an hour before... too bad I wasn't Alice, or else Mrs. Brady would have happily given her shrunken sweater, which was now the perfect size for her a young girl- to her daughter Cindy. And then, Mrs. Brady's teeth would have sparkled when she smiled at Alice while saying " no apology is necessary, Alice, We are just happy that we have such a sweet maid like you, who would tell me the truth, and mistakes are just part of life-and this is for the best". Fade to Credits, End episode.

My episode wasnt as picturesque. It ended with a dear apology letter stating that I am quite embarrassed, and that I would be happy to replace it- Her response: the sweater is quite expensive, so I dont think you would want to do that- and it was my favorite Jumper that I owned. Thank you very much.

We will see if they will be calling me again to watch the kids-

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You didnt like those kids anyway. mom