Dienstag, 7. April 2009


Max Von Senger on the left, Jakob Krueger on the Right. They adopted 2 Americans, and are quite a pair of characters- (as seen in image above) Max and I went to the same Uni, and Jakob goes to one is a far away place called Potsdam (not shown in diagram below- but just imagine a place further southwest)

We live in Mitte, and to give you a better idea of where that is, it is right where it says it is- 'middle'. All those little names are the equvielent to new york burrows, or chicago's 'neighborhoods, like little italy, or ukranian village. and here is my best attempt at coorelating each area with the neighborhoods of the chi:

mitte: loop
prenzlauerberg: wickerpark
wedding: rogerspark
kreuzberg: humboldt park
tiergarten: uptown
charlottenburg: lincoln park
wilmersdorf: oldetown
shoeneberg: andersonville mixed with pilsen
neukoelln: Southside mixed with west side mixed with pilsen

-but really.... they cant be compared... its just different.

and here is the massive train system! (click on it to enlarge)
its based on the 'honor system' primarily, although if you get caught without a ticket.... you get to pay a handsome fee of 40 euro :)

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