Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009


If there is, in fact, global warming, or any other climate changing force, I have to change my expectations in order to keep the disappointments to a minimum. If our modern calender says it is 'summer' - we expect that it will be sunny, warm, and a season for the beach and swimsuits. Today, and days before, have proven otherwise- both in Berlin, and in Chicago- and Im sure the list doesnt stop there. So I'm proposing we change the calender as we know it- and take note of the everchanging, and unpredictable weather system. We should abolish the idea of 'seasons' in a linear sense.. and create a school of thought that allows for sudden and abrubt alterations in daily weather. No longer will there be spring fashion lines, or summer sales, instead all stores will carry clothes for nearly any weather occasion. Full winter jumpsuits, next to the bakini section, sunglasses next to the ponchos, and sweatpants next to the gasmasks- incase another airbourn pandemic shows face. i will take it day by day- and today feels like the last day of fall- so I will sport my wool brown jacket, accompanied by my orange beanie, and have my bakini on underneath just incase the weather decides to shift by nightfall. April Flowers brings May June July showers with a good chance of hail....

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