Samstag, 20. Juni 2009


this is a bike. kinda a dorky bike, but to get around- its not so bad!
this is a bunch of american food that got delivered to my house the other day. a family i babysit for very generously gave us all of their food before moving back to the states.

shoes. i bought these in vienna - they are fuzzy, and they were only 8 euro!

here is my new sewing machine! also free. (like the food) i really love it

a bag i made with the sewing machine. its called the: dri-stitch tee-shirt bag! haha. i made it just with 3 lines of stitching- including a lining. how schoen!

beth asked me to take a photo of a bag i just made out of a t-shirt-
myself- my new bike, and just anything i wanted to show off- :) so just some pics

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2009


A club's closing party. A 'cool- NY-80's-Hip-hop styled' doorguy, wearing sunglasses at night. A secret room with plenty of coke. Exclusivity is their slogan. Music not in all rooms. Weak sound system. 2 dj's- is their strong point. Old, vintage house- in the midst of gritty east berlin- takes too long to get to- and only can arrive by tram. Stuffed trams. Filled with colored mohawks and beer, dogs, and the oder of stale cigarettes on the jacket standing next to you. -being on the guestlist made it a bit easier to swallow. Its not so bad its closing.

Freitag, 12. Juni 2009


Today, I had an appointment with an acupuncture specialist. Well not exactly... As it turns out, there are a ton of benefits that go along with babysitting.

1. Its off the books. Therefore, I can continue being an illegal alein (although im not illegal... just working illegally)

2. All of my friends are under 5 or over 30- therefore, have stable, well paying jobs, that I can sometimes reap the benefits of.. or can run around and play hide-and-go-seek with.

3. There are various gift that I receive by knowing these families. ie: my full size bed came from one family, free; my new sewing machine, a gift; tons of dinner invites; v.i.p. tickets for basketball games; and now, today, we add to the list: acupuncture.

SO> back to the topic. yes, acupuncture and moxa are forms of eastern medicine/practice. no, they arent used for voodoo or satanist ceremony- well maybe they are- i'm no expert. But the point is, i got a few needles stuck in me today, at various crucial points of my hand, releasing bad spirits and ghosts and goblins, and then- i am healthy for the latter of my life! hehe, no but in all seriousness, im a fan of non-pharmaceutical, mind-over-matter, herbal, alternative forms of medicine. Just like my grandma-ma's and great grandparents' involvement with Christian Science.

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009


saw this one on tv today..


If there is, in fact, global warming, or any other climate changing force, I have to change my expectations in order to keep the disappointments to a minimum. If our modern calender says it is 'summer' - we expect that it will be sunny, warm, and a season for the beach and swimsuits. Today, and days before, have proven otherwise- both in Berlin, and in Chicago- and Im sure the list doesnt stop there. So I'm proposing we change the calender as we know it- and take note of the everchanging, and unpredictable weather system. We should abolish the idea of 'seasons' in a linear sense.. and create a school of thought that allows for sudden and abrubt alterations in daily weather. No longer will there be spring fashion lines, or summer sales, instead all stores will carry clothes for nearly any weather occasion. Full winter jumpsuits, next to the bakini section, sunglasses next to the ponchos, and sweatpants next to the gasmasks- incase another airbourn pandemic shows face. i will take it day by day- and today feels like the last day of fall- so I will sport my wool brown jacket, accompanied by my orange beanie, and have my bakini on underneath just incase the weather decides to shift by nightfall. April Flowers brings May June July showers with a good chance of hail....

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

New News

New things i have, Materialism, aned changes that you would otherwise know nothing about, considering the miles (kilometers) we are apart.

MIDDLE ASH BLONDE HAIR DYE Welp, probably no one was aware of the recent red color i tried for my hair, it was horrible at first, great after a few days, and then I got tired of trying to match my hair with my outfits. So- here it is, back to brown- it is called "middle ash blonde" I like it. Its a refreshing, cool take on my usual fiery experiments...

Although this is not very 'Berlin' nor was it even made in Germany, I cant help but to snag up any decorative ornamant made from animal remains- I am a strong advocate for utilizing every part of an animal that is killed- Unless it was killed strictly for that purpose.... of course... I think I am a decendant of a Native Indian Tribe.. OH- AND- i recently had to cook a whole chicken- take it apart, clean out its insides, and ick, unhinge its joints for a boy i was babysitting... almost passed out. I was just thankful I didnt have to behead it or de-feather the poor little thing. (oh, and i almost kept the wishbone, but really couldnt bring myself to taking him apart anyfurther...)

They look a bit like baseball pants, with a fancy twist to em, but this recent purchase was made in hopes to have something to go with my blue and other colorful shirts. Last I checked Blue Jeans and Blue shirts just is too monocramatic for my taste- and Blue jeans with any vibrant color is a bit too colorful for my extremely particular, sense of style...